Linen closet love

So the linen closet is *finally* done. I purchased 4 different stain colors in hopes that a standard one would match. This project was already a little intimidating, but making a custom stain color took it to the next level! I mixed two colors together in a pickle jar, made a test swatch, and somehow it was the perfect shade. I love it when a project goes smoothly.

*Yes, that is a hole in my roof. It was like a rustic skylight for a while, nice huh?

It's that indoor garden time of year

Hello friends. It's been another cold wintery week so I decided to liven things up and start our vegetable garden. I did a little research to make sure this year's garden is *better than ever*. Some of my research came from my elderly next door neighbor who can't tell a story in less than 45 minutes, likes to take naps in a chaise lounge in the back yard, and can tell me about every family that has lived in my house. He likes to swap vegetables, give me gardening tips, and call me kiddo. I kinda love it. 

Important details for a successful indoor garden:
*     Most seeds should be started indoors 6 wks. before the last frost. If you start too early    
       they become leggy and won't transplant well.
*     The seedlings need 16 hours of light- use a timer if you want to keep things simple.
*     Remove the seedling lid (in picture) once the sprouts are growing and almost touching 
       the lid.
*     The seeds/ seedlings don't want to be soaked- just keep the soil moist with a spray 
*     Start the fluorescent light about 2" above the plants once they sprout. Adjust the height of 
       the light to maintain a 2" gap as the plant grows. This keeps the seedlings warm and   
*      The most important step- make sure to harden the plants. A week before planting them 
        in the ground give them a few hours of sunlight, increasing the amount each day. Make   
        sure to bring them indoors at night if the temperature drops or if it is too windy. By the    
        end of the week they should have a full day or two of sun light an ready for planting.

Let's get started:
(2) 4'0" chains- {make sure to double check the weight limit on the chain link you choose}
(4) S hooks
(2) eyebolt screws
1 Fluorescent light- try looking on Craigslist before buying one
Seed starting kits- make sure to get the larger pods if you are growing tomatoes.
Seed packets- to find out what seeds are ideal for your zone check here.
{I found this all at Home Depot... so easy.}

The set up is just as easy as it looks. Screw the eyebolt screws into the ceiling and loop the chains through each one. Secure the light fixture with S hooks and the end of the chains. That's it. Then plant the seeds as the directions on each packet suggests. Then sit back and wait for your seeds to sprout. 

Door lovin'

I wanted our new basement to be a little more clean- lined than the rest of our craftsman house. Craftsman is a beautiful, but it can be a little dark with all the stained moldings and doors so I thought the basement would be a little break... a little less masculine and a little more my style.

We always wanted 3 panel doors, but after looking into the sizes, our 7' ceiling height meant cutting off a lot of the bottom panel of the door... and that would look strange. After a little brainstorming with our trim guy we ordered solid core slab doors and added the panel detail with 1/4" thick MDF. We have a few different sized doors, so this allowed us to scale the molding for each door to match. In other words...

P.S. I'm in love with this door. ;)

Not all great ideas are on a fancy- shmancy blueprint... some are random sketches texted to the hubs and trim guy, like this one. We reused 2 doors because you just can't pass on a door that was original to the house. {Our house will be 100 next year!}

 The wine room door:
This gloss black door looks so much better in real life without the flash. Gloss black doors have been on my wish list *forever*. They are beautiful *and* fingerprint proof. Perfection.

*  *  *

Sunny day for paint color picking

It has been a wild winter, even for this Michigan girl. It is 45 degrees *and* sunny today so we could finally walk to the bus stop... like it is Spring.

Sunny days= perfect lighting to pick paint colors. Most of our house was gold-peanut butter color when we bought it. It felt sooo dark. 

Hopefully the new color will make the room feel less closed off and cave-like. 
It's going to take a miracle! Stay tuned for the *after* pics.

Hopefully some of this snow melts soon. Yikes!

*  *  *

Working our way from the ground...up

We are making *huge* progress on the basement. The neutral background is done and ready for lots of color. I can't wait to style it and share pictures soon.
The floors are installed and grouted and that crazy day is a distant memory. ;)

 *Someone* is super excited for more space to play. We knew we didn't a want white or black ceiling because that would make the room feel shorter. Having similar colors on the wall and ceiling elongates the height of the room.
{Like how an all black outfit can make you feel a little taller and a little slimmer.}
 Our perfect pair: Benjamin Moore SC-34 Cape Hatteras Sand for the ceiling
            Benjamin Moore Shenandoah taupe for the walls

We are loving all that faux wood tile out there, aren't you? We went with long 6"x36" planks. The larger the area the more realistic it looks. It give the bathroom a been-here-forever-barn-wood-feel.
Wood talk  color: Beige Digue

I had to have a little bit of herringbone pattern somewhere, so we chose these 6x12 terracotta tiles for our {teeny-tiny!} wine room. 

The hubs started setting up even though we don't have wine racks yet. We found the table and stool while antiquing at one of our favorite local places. 

*   *   *

Snow Day Birthday

My sweet little girl is 7 today. We celebrated with a trip to the indoor ice rink. It might seem like an odd choice since it has been below zero here for a while, but you have to honor a birthday wish, right?
 It was her first time skating and she did great. 

I make her a cake every year. She usually chooses a theme, but this year her request was three layers. Yikes, I did the best I could. When in doubt cover it with snow caps and top it with an owl.

I didn't ask yet, but I'm pretty sure her favorite present is all of these snow days. 
I think we are up to 5 so far. {No school!}
... and maybe the disco ball I got her for impromptu dance parties.

*   *   *  


My friend and I took a little field trip to the Arteva Idea Show House last week, and it is a stunner. 
It has just the right amount of bold patterns against a classic neutral palette.

Hello... beautiful paneling and gorgeous chandelier. The detailed paneling helps bring the huge foyer into perfect proportion.

The large- scale basketweave stone floor is a-mazing, and the brown stone makes a nice transition to the dark stained floors.

The Walker Zanger stone backsplash looks perfect in the Kitchen.

The house has a few rooms with beam ceilings, done in a more polished way than the usual rustic beams. Love it.

I've never met a blue-green, teal, or turquoise I didn't like so of course I dig the Dining Room ceiling. {To the point that I've rubbed off on my 7 year old daughter, whose now tells everyone her favorite color is bluish- green!}

Check out more pictures here.
*    *    *