Asheville for New Years

Let's have one more Christmas related post, shall we?
We just got back from a sunny, fun- filled vacation in Asheville, NC. We stayed in these adorable craftsman cottages for the first half of the trip. The cottages are hidden in the woods just outside of town and each one has an outdoor hot tub.

It's like trying out the hip-tiny-house-movement for a little bit. It was the perfect amount of space. I think we could manage in a tiny house. Maybe.

The second half of our visit was at The Grove Park Inn. We were in love. It's 101 year old {only a year older than our house!} and full of so much rustic design. Mikhail Baryshnikov stayed in our room. {Yes, I was excited about the plaque on our door because I studied dance for a decade or so.}

I could have hung our at the Inn all day... but Asheville has *way too many* great restaurants and waterfalls to hike and explore. They had at least 20 Christmas trees, some with full sized nutcrackers on them. Fabulous.



No present left behind

I don't do super fancy gift wrapping, mainly because I am pretty frugal. {spend that money on the present!} I Christmas shop pretty early and I like to wrap each present as I go, so things can get a little mixed up under the tree. Over the years I have come up with a system to color code my presents. We all have multiple parties, so why not try picking a different color or pattern for each party.

Pine needle pattern for my sister's house
Tree pattern for the in-laws
Striped paper for my friend's house

No present left behind.

Happy Holidays!!

Christmas photo chaos

I was inspired by a Christmas photo on Pinterest and I just *had* to do it right then. Mmm hmm. You know the one- the kids are infront of the tree and the Christmas lights are fuzzy circles in the background and the lighting is just right.
*Everyone* is smiling.
 Here is how it went:
{Darn, we didn't have a Christmas tree yet...I'll improvise with my small pre-lit one.}
1. Look for tree in various closets. The strand of lights are burned out on the pre- lit tree.
2. Spend too much time cutting out said light strand.
3. Go to the closet to find a replacement strand. I can only reach the first bin but that's okay because I found 2 strands. Sweeeet. 
4. Plug in each strand only to find that they are half lit. Awesome.
5. Scrap the Christmas tree light idea and wing it.
6. The camera battery isn't charged.
7. Decide that today isn't the day for this and wait for the weekend... or next year.

True story. 
My back-up plan: use my handy camera timer and take some quick outdoor pictures of the three of us. Then search and search on Simply to Impress for something a little glittery. Done.

I hope all your holiday shopping is coming along better that my Pinterest project!
*   *   *

Stuck at 90%

Why does a project stay at 90% for so long? There is always something missing, some touching up and styling, and daily clutter getting in the way. So... I'm posting the rest of our basement remodel now because, well, we may not make it past 90%.

I'm okay with that.
I mean, we all have dinners to make and homework to tackle.
Our Pratt and Larson bar backsplash is *finally* installed. Snacks included.
 We *finally* touched up our claw foot tub glaze and finished the the tile work
 around the plumbing at the floor.
I *finally* made my desk area a little more presentable. Some of us have a serious paper problem.

*  *  *

Half your age plus 7

I was at a work party chatting about our 20s, 30s, and 40s and which was the best and I mentioned my age, 37. {I have recently thought about my upcoming birthday a few times and felt a little stressed about 38. Ridiculous, I know.}

 A friend mentioned that he believes in the the half your age plus seven rule for dating. Equal parts random and funny, right? We were making calculations with his formula and someone mentioned that I was in fact, {a-hem} 36. 
What the heck? When did I add a year? How long have I been this exaggerated age? Is this what starts to happen as birthdays accumulate?

 More importantly:
What am I going to do with this *bonus year*? LOL.
*  *  *
*P.S. The 30s are *way better* than the 20s. Don't you agree?

Welcome West Elm!

West Elm is coming to Michigan! It's about time... sometimes our sweet little
mitten state gets overlooked.

In honor of one of my *fave* stores moving nearby... here's a little wish list. 
Seriously, how cute is that salt cellar and those critter containers?!? 

Oooh... and if I ever get the courage to remodel the Kitchen {aka live without a range and sink for a few weeks} these shelves would work perfectly. 

All Things Winged

 I just wrapped up the most hectic art show weekend ever at the DIY Street Fair in Ferndale, MI. It is always *the best* show to be a part of. The vendors and the crowd are creative, sweet, a little hipster and so much fun to chat with.

I sold almost all of my organic soy candles {All Things Winged on Etsy} which had me thinking... I wonder exactly how many of these I have made so far?!?

I had some amazing thrifting over the past few weeks. The squirrel container and the Southern Comfort glasses made me giddy. I love thrifting.
The pizza from Woodward Avenue Brewers is picture- worthy. 
The best pizza *ever*.

 I'm getting back into my beer cap trays. Hello friends...yes, I will be hoarding all your beer caps again. This one is a vintage cake stand.
I'm going to get some things done around the house and relax  bit. make more soy candles for my Etsy store, All Things Winged.
*  *  *