Stuck at 90%

Why does a project stay at 90% for so long? There is always something missing, some touching up and styling, and daily clutter getting in the way. So... I'm posting the rest of our basement remodel now because, well, we may not make it past 90%.

I'm okay with that.
I mean, we all have dinners to make and homework to tackle.
Our Pratt and Larson bar backsplash is *finally* installed. Snacks included.
 We *finally* touched up our claw foot tub glaze and finished the the tile work
 around the plumbing at the floor.
I *finally* made my desk area a little more presentable. Some of us have a serious paper problem.

*  *  *

Half your age plus 7

I was at a work party chatting about our 20s, 30s, and 40s and which was the best and I mentioned my age, 37. {I have recently thought about my upcoming birthday a few times and felt a little stressed about 38. Ridiculous, I know.}

 A friend mentioned that he believes in the the half your age plus seven rule for dating. Equal parts random and funny, right? We were making calculations with his formula and someone mentioned that I was in fact, {a-hem} 36. 
What the heck? When did I add a year? How long have I been this exaggerated age? Is this what starts to happen as birthdays accumulate?

 More importantly:
What am I going to do with this *bonus year*? LOL.
*  *  *
*P.S. The 30s are *way better* than the 20s. Don't you agree?

Welcome West Elm!

West Elm is coming to Michigan! It's about time... sometimes our sweet little
mitten state gets overlooked.

In honor of one of my *fave* stores moving nearby... here's a little wish list. 
Seriously, how cute is that salt cellar and those critter containers?!? 

Oooh... and if I ever get the courage to remodel the Kitchen {aka live without a range and sink for a few weeks} these shelves would work perfectly. 

All Things Winged

 I just wrapped up the most hectic art show weekend ever at the DIY Street Fair in Ferndale, MI. It is always *the best* show to be a part of. The vendors and the crowd are creative, sweet, a little hipster and so much fun to chat with.

I sold almost all of my organic soy candles {All Things Winged on Etsy} which had me thinking... I wonder exactly how many of these I have made so far?!?

I had some amazing thrifting over the past few weeks. The squirrel container and the Southern Comfort glasses made me giddy. I love thrifting.
The pizza from Woodward Avenue Brewers is picture- worthy. 
The best pizza *ever*.

 I'm getting back into my beer cap trays. Hello friends...yes, I will be hoarding all your beer caps again. This one is a vintage cake stand.
I'm going to get some things done around the house and relax  bit. make more soy candles for my Etsy store, All Things Winged.
*  *  *

A new tradition

The first day of school jitters are gone. {Yay!} This morning I took my second grader to school and she asked if I could drop her off. What? No way. So we parked and we made it half way to the school doors before she insisted that I stop, and let her find her way to the class line.

Our new tradition {year two!} is loading the back to school pics on the computer only to find the settings made the pictures blurry, foggy, and ugly. So here's to our new tradition of recreating the photo after school, lol.

We wrapped up our basement remodel with a Pratt and Larson backsplash. I have loved their tile for *years* so it's fun to finally have it in our house. Their new tile shapes are so fun to design with. This is the triple scallop, fish scales, clouds or ghosts... depending on who you ask. We chose 7 colors and created a custom blend {only 10% of the white and dark bronze color}. My coworkers voted on the percentages- yet another perk of working with other designers. We agreed that it should blend with the wall color, and that some colors should be super saturated.

I'm not finished styling the bar yet, but I thought I would share it anyway. We might add a distressed shelf with metal brackets above... and attempt to keep the snack jars a little more full.

*  *  *

Off the grid

We went *way* off the grid for a week this summer to Charleton lake Camp in Whitefish Falls, CA. 
No phones or t.v., fishing for dinner {except for me and my veggie burgers!} and cooking over campfire.
{7 hr drive + 1 hour ferry ride + 1.5 hour drive + a quick boat ride = destination

Get comfortable... because this post is full of pictures. This place was so beautiful I couldn't stop documenting. Shocker, I know.

I know this isn't camping, but it was pretty close to it. I settled on the term cabining, because it for sure wasn't glamping like the Housewives of New York would do.

We took our little fishing boat to a different island each night and started a campfire to cook our dinner. We all hung out until dusk and then headed back to the cabins to play cards. 
{no internet or t.v., remember??}

My in-laws have been coming here for over 40 years.... cooking dinner the same way each time. Soups for appetizers, skillet potatoes, and fresh pancake battered fish.

I have at least 40 pictures of the lily pads, moss, and lichen. There was a good amount of time spent fishing, so what's a girl to do?

*  *  *

Paint color answers

Some of you had questions about our paint colors and our process... so let's do this. 

We chose the neutral ceiling color first and made sure that it worked with the travertine flooring we fell in love with. {That sounds easy, but neutrals can have a green cast, pink cast etc.}The living room and studio color are from the same family on the fan deck to give a little variety, while keeping things balanced. It was the same thought process for the playroom... the laundry room color is a darker version of the playroom. Long story short- we like lots of colors in our house, just variations of a few colors to keep it simple and monochromatic.

Some people feel more comfortable in a Skittle house- a different bright color in each room and some pick one neutral color for the whole house. We are somewhere in between.

Benjamin Moore paint colors:
Cape Hatteras Sand AC-34

living room and studio:
Shenandoah Taupe AC-36

Clay Beige OC-11- a favorite that has followed us from house to house!

Bali 702

laundry room:
Knoxville Gray HC-160

*  *  *